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Angular2がGW中にRCに成り、それは良かったのだがRCから破壊的な変更がいくつもありいい加減にして欲しいなという雰囲気になってきたところ最後のRC5がそろそろリリースされますね!「Angular Weekly Meeting Notes」の内容がこちらです。

Angular Weekly Meeting Notes (

August 8

Core Status  - RC 5
Top SHA in master addresses remaining NgModules implementation.
Caretaker is gatekeeper until we release.
Ames validation and internal tests pass
No blocking docs issues
NgModules is complete in master. This is the last piece of the core API.
Plan for remaining 2.0 releases after RC5 --
post-RC5: No further breaking changes in Router, Forms, and I18N before 2.1.
post-RC5: No further breaking changes in Core before 2.1. New features in animations, I18N, and Forms only. Bugfixes OK.
RC6: removes all deprecated APIs (planned: at least 1 week from RC5) and we assess I18N and Forms API and Animations for final.
We'll assess RC6 readiness at next week's meeting.
CLI - need to determine what will be done on timeline for final.

って、目をこすったのがRC6のリリース。これは新しく追加されるNgModuleへの移行期間を設定した感のあるRCのようです、「at least 1 week from RC5」という話なのでそうなのかと。そしてCoreモジュールはRC5完成と言ってます。