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AngularUI - AngularJS Advent Calendar 2015

Angular2に対するUI Bootstrap(ng-bootsrap)の開発も始まったが、Angular1に対するUIもまだまだ開発が進んでいます。Bootstrap以外にもUIコンポーネントがあってAngularUIというところにまとまってます。IDEのプラグインなんかもあったり。このエントリーは「AngularJS Advent Calendar 2015」12月10日の記事です。

AngularUI for AngularJS


Ace This directive allows you to add ACE editor elements.

Alias Create concise aliases for third-party directives and templates

Bootstrap Bootstrap components written in pure AngularJS

Calendar A complete AngularJS directive for the Arshaw FullCalendar.

Chart with jQplot This directive allows you to add a jqPlot graph to your application

CodeMirror This directive allows you to add CodeMirror editor to your textarea elements.

Date jQuery UI Datepicker for AngularJS

Event Binder Bind a callback to any event not natively supported by AngularJS

Google maps AngularJS directives for the Google Maps Javascript API

Grid Grid virtualization written natively in AngularJS

Indeterminate Provides an easy way to toggle a checkbox input's special "indeterminate" property. This is a visual toggle only and in no way affects the model or value outside of native browser behavior at this time.

Layout This directive allows you to split stuff

Leaflet This directive allows you to embed an interact with maps managed by Leaflet library.

Map This directive allows you to add Google Maps Javascript API elements.

Mask Apply a mask on an input field so the user can only type pre-determined pattern.

Mention Facebook-like @mentions for text inputs built around composability

Router The de-facto solution to flexible routing with nested views in AngularJS

Scroll uiScroll directive solves this problem by dynamically destroying elements as they become invisible and recreating them if they become visible again

Scrollpoint Add a "ui-scrollpoint" class to elements when the page scrolls past them. (previously known as scrollfix)

Select AngularJS-native version of Select2 and Selectize

Slider jQuery UI Slider for AngularJS

Sortable jQuery UI Sortable for AngularJS

TinyMCE This directive allows you to add a TinyMCE editor to your form elements.

Tour A native tour-type directive that will lace easily-controllable tooltips throughout your app

Uploader Customizable file uploader

Validate General-purpose validator for ngModel.

IDE Plugins

TextMate: AngularJS.tmbundle

Atom: AngularJS-Atom

SublimeText: AngularJS.sublime-package

Brackets: AngularJS-brackets


去年に比べリストが増えた。微妙なのもあれば利用すべしもあるのでデモなどで確認して使う。 まだまだAngular1╭( ・ㅂ・)و ̑̑ グッ